About us

WEXIA FINANCES INTERNATIONAL is a financial engineering company which aims at strengthening the financial structure of his customers by means of a search for the best solution of financing. Implanted on a wide surface of the globe (Europe, the Middle East, South America), thus WEXIA FINANCES INTERNATIONAL have a significant presence on the most important markets.

Goals achieved

Since 2015, WEXIA FINANCES INTERNATIONAL reaches the everyday life to give life to your ideas by conjugating your financial satisfaction and a development policy on the long term. Our objective it is to achieve your!

Constant vigilance

Our experts’ team in constant observation of the evolution of the market of the financing collects methodically data and analyzes market trends. This one makes every effort to offer you a perfect analysis of the situation of markets.

Proven efficacy

Our investment company reached gathered several million euros benefiting numerous projects on the world market. WEXIA FINANCES INTERNATIONAL have an undeniable knowledge which has already showed its ability in numerous domains.

Real closeness

WEXIA FINANCES INTERNATIONAL put on the availability and the closeness with its customers allowing the project managers and the shareholders to share, to communicate and to execute in all the levels of the mission.


Discover first-class service

Dedicated bearer of project, to the company, to the shareholder, or to the investor, WEXIA FINANCES INTERNATIONAL allows the success of all the objectives thanks to adapted and evolutionary solutions.


Before the research for financing, the contract of valuation aims at strengthening and at putting forward your project. The constituted case establishes a guarantee for the continuation of your project.


To find new attractive investments asks a strong knowledge of your heart, target,time and the resource. Our assistant will allow you to free yourselves from these constraints.


We also propose you a world platform of crowdfunding. That you are in search of fund or inclined to participate in a project, this one is a different means of financing.


Funding for your business venture is a stage where it is essential to make the good choice. The role of our experts is to accompany you throughout the process of research for financing.


The management is the counterpart of the investment and the request of the follow-up and the expertise to obtain a final profitability. We suggest you coming along so that this one becomes optimal.


Thanks to our partnership with Rational FX, we propose you a preferential exchange for your international funds transfers. He is made by electronic way as soon as possible.


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